Host Proggy-Buggy

DataArt invites IT enthusiasts to become partners and hosts of the Proggy-Buggy.

Proggy-Buggy is an online programming Olympiad, but participants can also gather offline and join from one of our DataArt offices worldwide or our partners’ locations. The detailed contest description, rules, and other important information are here.

If you want to organize the event at your venue, follow this guide, use the materials attached, and see you at the next Proggy-Buggy!

If you have any questions regarding the organization of Proggy-Buggy at your locations, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Who Can Become a Host?

Venues for hosting Proggy-Buggy events can include any public spaces or community centers that meet the technical requirements:

  • Universities
  • IT hubs, clusters, and associations
  • Coworking spaces
  • Event halls and conference centers
  • Public libraries
  • Coffee houses, bars, community centers, etc.

The contest is held twice yearly, and you can host one or both events. The list of DataArt locations from which participants can join will be published on the registration page approximately one month before the event.

Why Should a Venue Host the Contest?

Hosting Proggy-Buggy is an excellent opportunity for marketing the venue and building community:

  • Attract new audiences, enhance the market image, and garner positive attention as a modern and socially responsible hub.
  • Network with participants, partners, business representatives, and community members, potentially leading to further collaborations.
  • Engage the audience with various cross-partner activities and increase foot traffic.

Additionally, each venue will receive a special "Hub Organizer" certificate from DataArt, acknowledging their pivotal role in partnering for the event.

Step 1: Resource Estimation

Meeting with the DataArt team

Before making a final decision on event hosting, DataArt will invite you to an online meeting to discuss the event goals, expectations from both parties, and technical requirements. This ensures that the vendor's resources comply with the necessary event-hosting standards.

Setting Up Workflow and Communication

We will need to schedule regular status update meetings, which may occur biweekly, weekly, or more frequently, depending on the project stage.

DataArt may provide project communication tools, such as a mailing list, a shared chat for contest organizers, and a messenger for quick communication.


Other than ensuring that the venue has the proper technical setup (equipment and furniture), there aren't any other special requirements that might add extra costs. However, if the venue is interested in arranging a welcome coffee, decorating the site with contest banners, providing other relevant activities independently, or bringing in partners, we welcome the initiative. We kindly ask hosts to discuss these arrangements with us and ensure alignment with the contest concept and correspondence to DataArt's communication standards.

Step 2: Promotion and Registration of Participants

The DataArt team handles the promo campaign and participant registration entirely. The venue is welcome to utilize digital promotional materials DataArt provides for additional promotion through its channels.

Registration is conducted on the DataArt platform and closes one week before the contest. A list of names of the participants registered at the venue's location will be provided two days before the contest.

Step 3: Pre-Event Preparation

Preparation Timeline

Please ensure you adhere to the following preparation milestones:

  • 1–1.5 months before the event: Make the final decision on whether you host the event.
  • 2–3 weeks before the event: Ensure you have all necessary equipment and furniture. If you don't own it, make arrangements with external suppliers.
  • 1–2 weeks before the event: Gather your team for the event and assign roles.
  • 1 week before the event: Conduct a test call with the contest technical team.
  • 2 days before the event: Receive the list of participants from DataArt.

Setting of the Venue and Technical Equipment Checklist

The venue must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be located in a safe and easily accessible area, with restrooms and an appropriate cleaning service.
  • The place should be spacious, well-ventilated/heated, and well-lit, with sufficient power sockets to charge devices.
  • It must have adequate seating capacity, providing each participant with a comfortable chair and table. We recommend accommodating at least 20–30 people or more.
  • It should be equipped with a screen, a projector, and a loudspeaker for streaming and announcements.
  • It needs a stable, high-speed internet connection capable of handling streaming and accommodating dozens of participants.
  • During the contest, your team will need Zoom to communicate with the Proggy Buggy team.
  • Arranging a security zone for participants' belongings at the venue is optional but recommended.
  • The venue does not provide laptops or computers; participants will use their devices.
  • You will need to print badges for participants with their names.

Branding of the Venue

We can offer design mockups if you want to decorate the venue with branded materials such as roll-ups, banners, etc. Please find them attached at the bottom of this page. If you require further customization or additional information, please get in touch with our team.


It is not obligatory, but the venue can arrange welcome tea/coffee for the participants.


We recommend having the following people on your team:

  • Project Manager – responsible for overseeing the event and ensuring its successful execution.
  • Technical Support Manager – responsible for managing video, audio, and internet and addressing all other technical issues that may arise during the event.
  • Additionally, we recommend having extra personnel during the event to ensure smooth operations: 1–3 colleagues to meet, register, and assist participants at the venue.

Step 4: Event Day

1. Pre-Check

Before the start of the event, please double-check that all necessary preparations have been completed:

Participants Registration:

  • Ensure you have the printed or electronic list of participants ready for registration.
  • Confirm that badges for teams/participants are printed out. We will provide you with badge mockups.

Venue Setup:

  • Check your time zone to ensure the proper start time of the contest.
  • Ensure that working spaces, seats, tables, and sockets are arranged appropriately.

Internet Access:

  • Ensure you have the login credentials (username and password) for internet access and are ready to provide this information to participants.

Streaming Preparation:

  • Double-check that you have received the link to the Contest page from us.
  • Double-check that you have the YouTube link to start the streaming.
  • Ensure all technical equipment required for streaming and conducting the contest is ready and functioning correctly (screen, projector, loudspeaker, Zoom link to communicate with the DataArt team, sockets and extension cords, internet connection).
  • Optionally, before the start, when participants arrive at the venue, consider offering them some relevant entertainment to encourage networking. The DataArt Skillotron Quiz platform can be used for this. You can also inform the participants about other upcoming events organized by DataArt, such as Summer or Winter IT camps and job opportunities. DataArt will provide you with all the necessary details.

You can download this checklist to print out and have it at hand during the event.

2. Conducting the Contest

  • Register the participants according to the list provided by DataArt.
  • Provide every participant with a name badge, internet credentials, and the contest platform link.
  • Confirm that all participants have access to the Contest tasks and understand the rules clearly. If not, provide them with a link to the Contest rules.
  • Start streaming the YouTube broadcast and follow the instructions provided there.
  • Support and guide the participants, clarifying contest rules and addressing any concerns or questions raised by participants. Ensure that participants know how to reach out for assistance on the Contest platform if they have questions regarding the contest tasks or judging.
  • Ensure you have all the arrangements for venue cleanliness before and during the event, including garbage disposal and restroom maintenance.

3. Unexpected Situations

  • Verify if the venue provides technical support and assistance in case of any issues with equipment or internet connectivity during the event. In the event of power or internet outages, the contest will continue without interruption; no additional round for the location will be assigned, and no extra time will be added.
  • Disagreements or disputes among participants, judges, or organizers regarding contest rules, scoring criteria, or fairness could arise and need to be addressed promptly through the contest platform to maintain the integrity of the competition.
  • In the event of an air alert or other life-threatening situation, the venue must halt the competition and organize the evacuation of people to a safe place. Ensure in advance that you know the location of the shelter and the way to it.

Official results will be published within 2-3 days after the contest concludes. DataArt will award participants who solved at least one problem with certificates, while winners and runners-up will receive gifts.

Step 5: Post-Event Activities

Meeting with DataArt for Feedback

Within 2–3 days after the contest, let's meet to discuss the main results and lessons learned to enhance future contests. We would highly appreciate the venue's feedback and, if possible, any photo and video materials you can provide (both vertical and horizontal formats fit).

Post-Event Promotion on Vendor's Digital Media

DataArt can provide the venue with materials for post-event digital campaigns on social networks. While it's not obligatory, we would greatly appreciate it.

We hope these instructions will help you run the contest smoothly! If you have any questions, contact the DataArt team at [email protected]. Best of luck and success!