Compilation Error

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Английское название: Compilation Error, CE

If the package has such a status, a compilation error occurred while compiling the program. The causes of the compilation error depend on the compiler being used. The judge's test protocol for sendings with this status contains the complete output (to standard output and standard error) of the compiler. If the global configuration variable team_enable_rep_view or the configuration variable of the task team_enable_rep_view of the serve.cfg tournament configuration file is set to true, then compiler diagnostics become available to the tournament participant.

In addition, if the team_enable_ce_view global configuration variable is set or the team_enable_ce_view configuration variable in the task description section of the serve.cfg is set to true, compiler diagnostics in case of a compilation error are provided to the participant, regardless of the value of the team_enable_rep_view.

If the global configuration variable ignore_compile_errors is set in the serve.cfg tournament configuration file, then submissions with this status are not taken into account when calculating the current tournament results, penalties for previous submissions of the participant, the number of points scored, etc.